Sunday, March 3, 2019

Gotchas with NSX-T 2.4

NSX-T 2.4 is a major software upgrade with a multitude of new features, listed here:

The documentation for this release is not very mature, so I've compiled some gotchas I found while installing NSX-T 2.4 below:

  • Ensure that when you configure Host Transport nodes (such as ESXi) that all transport zones you need are provisioned on the host! The node summary should have a minimum of two Transport zones, one for underlay and one for overlay:
  • Don't forget your uplink VLAN! The uplink VLAN must be configured under "Advanced Networking & Security" -> Networking -> Switching, and should participate in your underlay transport zone:
  • NSX Controllers are no more. This functionality is merged into the NSX manager - which now has clustering support. You'll need to configure a vIP for the manager as well, for these reasons.
  • NSX Managers need more RAM. VMWare Recommends 24 GBytes of Memory per manager if you have less than 64 hosts - I'm running stable with 16 and 1 host, so consider 24GB the minimum.

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